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Agenda Touring : Merapi View, Parangtritis, Prambanan,Danau Toba

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Map of Jogjakarta City

Tamansari the Beautiful Garden and Central Batik

When you to Tamansari, don't forget to Palace of Water Tamansari. Located is more or less 400 metre from komplek Keraton Yogyakarta of about 10 minute by foot to bird market from page;yard of Kemandungan South arch Magangan
Tamansari mean the beautiful Garden, where epoch ahead represent the recreation place for Sultan Yogyakarta therewith palace consanquinity. Nowadays, Tamansari can be visited by public. Start from at 08.00 till at 16.00. In this complex there are place which still be assumed environment Tamansari, namely Garden Ledoksari where this place represent the place of bringing suit personal place and Sultan
interesting building is Well Gemuling which is in the form of high rise building 2 with the its underside floor located in underground. In old world, this building represent a kind of surau of Sultan place to the religious “sholat lima waktu”. This shares is reachable underground alley. In other;dissimilar shares still a lot of other underground alley, representing secret road;street, and drawn up by as rescuer road;street of if complex at any times this get the enemy attack. Incomplex northside located Tamansari of market Ngasem often place of merchant of poultry animal beautiful bird, wren, pigeon bekisar and others
Besides obyek wisatanya, Tamansari also own the pontensi of other;dissimilar which can be exeeded. Batik paint to represent one of original product from Tamansari which have been recognized by wide society. From origin he said, batik paint to represent a[n paint method by exploiting or using batik principles. As do batik, batik making paint this also use the equipments [of] like: canting, night, colourant etcetera. Others also its process much the same to with the batik, however more variatif as according to artist.Tour Parangtritis.

Jumat, 09 November 2007

Malioboro vend its merchanidise

Bustle and as glorious as Malioboro nor quit of to the number of merchant of cloister which have the align to through the street Malioboro vend its merchanidise, almost everything which on the market is typical sovenir of Jogja as souvenir/oleh-oleh to all tourist. They trade crafting of typical people of Jogjakarta, for example crafting (handycraft) of ayaman cane, husk, batik, silver, bamboo and other, in the form of batik clothes, leather suitcase, husk shoe, cane decoration, shadow play, hanger of bamboo key, sendok/garpu silver, blangkon batik tiger of typical hat of Jogja/Jawa, kaos with various model/tulisan and a lot still be other. All merchant of this cloister there is performing merchanidise is above desk, wagon of adapula which only perform plastic [in] floor. So that moment of visitor of Malioboro enough the just multitude usher visitor of the pressure each other because as narrow;tight as road;street to all pedestrian [of] because solid enough and to the number of right merchant beside left and
Edge of street of Malioboro which is one incircuit by way of Mangkubumi and limited by railway station of Monument and tip of the other one again incircuit by way of A.Yani. In areal of area of Malioboro and its surroundings a lot of other;dissimilar location which can be visited by for example Siti Inggil Keraton Jogjakarta, market Beringhardjo, fortress Vredeburg, Gedong Senisono, Museum Sono Budoyo and other. In this time Malioboro can be told by as heart of bustle of town Jogja, because to the number of merchant and visitor elapsing grass. Very crowded area either in two sides the road;street which have the corridor [to] and also [at] roadway of atloughone way the than road;street of Mangkubumi [of] however various type of fast kendaraan and fulfill in the road;street and no wonder if happened [by] jam. From traditional kendaraan like pedicab, dokar/andong/delman, bicycle, wagon and also kendaraan of have machine [to] [of] like car, cab, town bus, publik transport, motorbike and lainny > Area of Malioboro as one of area of wisata of expense of pledge

Kasultanan Yogyakarta is downtown Yogyakarta

Kraton palace located Kasultanan Yogyakarta is downtown Yogyakarta. More than 200 year ago, this place is represent a bog by the name of Umbul Pacetokan, later develop;builded by Prince Mangkubumi become a guesthouse by the name of Ayodya.Pada year 1955 happen agreement Giyanti which its contents divide two empire Mataram become Ksunanan Surakarta [of] under government Sunan Pakubuwono III and Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta of under titled later Prince Mangkubumi government [of] Sultan Hamengkubuwono I.Pesanggrahan Ayodya is hereinafter develop;builded to become Kraton Kasultanan Yogyakarta . Kraton Yogyakarta stand up luxury look towards north with front page in the form of great wave- heave ( field ) what the past utilized [by] sbg place collect people, war games to all soldier, and the custom ceremony management place. At edge side the south Heave- great wave North , there are next gallery [of] inveterate palace referred as by a Performance.
This Place is Sri Sultan, palace consanquinity and all governmental functionary of Kraton witness practice [of] all soldier or some custom ceremony which [is] [is] carried out [in] great wave - north great wave. Deeper Dihalaman [is] which its land;ground intentionally be made high is so that referred [as] [by] Siti Hinggil ), there are market building [of] palace of[is so-called barn Manguntur Tangkil. This Place all tourist can witness governance Kraton era conference situation first, what is modelled by doll - doll [of] complete with highness clothes. Kratron as and Kraton sbg residence Sri Sultan Hamengku buwono governance center therewith the palace consanquinity, dissociated by page;yard in front of[is so-called north Kemandungan or page;yard Keben, because here grow tree which is in year 1986 expressed [by] a Indonesia sbg lambing peace Government , in International Environment Day commemoration
In environment Kraton side in there are page;yard Sri Manganti by regol ( gapuro ) Danapratopo which is taken care of [by] couple Dwarapala : Cingkarabala


Downtown, in front of Glorious Building ( ex- president palace of RI in era of Yogyakarta become state's capital of year 1946),dibelakang Monument of Common/ public Attack 1 located March a ancient fortress, Vredeburg. This Fortress intentionally be founded by colonist of Dutch to pacify governance with a Governor of Indies of Dutch residing [in] Governor Building ( Glorious Building now). In this fortress a cannon attached, pointed at Kraton Yogyakarta, to wake up to take care of, who knows kasultanan having soldier by himself that time of time give resistance, rebeling to Dutch, (it) is true year 1949 that way really happened, because in kraton Yogyakarta gather all our guerrilla, but that cannon do not converse what what. This fortress represent one of evidence of old world history. Therefore [is] nowadays looked after better as building of history. Because its building in the nature of big enough house, hence after restored to be made by museum comprising diorama of Indonesian nation struggle
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